Quality Control

We are a shop and field run company that is continually growing with the industry in order to meet and exceed jurisdictional, client, and code requirements. Our Quality Control Program is registered under the Alberta Boiler Safety Association (AQP-21430), the Technical Safety

Authority of Saskatchewan (0668-0001) and Technical

Safety British Columbia ‘A’ Contractor License (LBP0209786)

On Site Projects Ltd. is also registered to test and certify welders (AOQP-7309) through the Alberta Boiler Safety Association. Furthermore, we are a Division 2 certified company through the Canadian Welding Bureau.

OSP believes in relationships and relationships can only be built on quality fundations. Quality is a pillar of our business.

Certifications & Memberships

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We can support entire Shutdowns and turnarounds or a quick outage with a small crew and equipment.
“No job is too small."

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